Cold appetizers

38 kn

Tuna pate & marinated anchovies
38 kn

Oysters (3 pcs)
48 kn

Tuna tartar on avocado and tomato concassé
85 kn

Fish and prawns marinated with citrus fruits
85 kn

Smoked tuna and swordfish on rucola salad & rolls of smoked salmon, zucchini & cream cheese
95 kn

Cheese platter with walnuts & honey
75 kn

Dalmatian platter with prosciutto & cheese
85 kn

Dalmatian prosciutto & honey melon
85 kn

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Tomato soup with croutons
35 kn

Prawn soup
40 kn

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Greek salad
77 kn

Caprese salad (buffalo mozarella)
75 kn

Tzatziki Cucumber salad with yogurt & garlic dip
82 kn

Octopus salad
85 kn

Chicken Ceasar salad (Green salads - skinless, boneless chicken breasts grilled – parmesan crostini – ceasar dressing)
135 kn

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Risotto & Pasta

Seafood Risotto or spaghetti “Lopud”
130 kn

Prawns and truffles risotto or spaghetti
145 kn

Lobster (ca.0,35 kg) tagliatelle
239 kn

Dirty tagliatelle Dubrovniok style (beef stew)
125 kn

Mushrooms and truffles risotto or spaghetti
130 kn

Vegetarian risotto or glutenfree spaghetti
125 kn

*Alternative Gluten-free pasta

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From the Sea

Fried calamari with french fries & tartar sauce
155 kn

Grilled calamari with boiled mangold (swisschard) & potatoes
155 kn

Saylor-style steamed mussels, scampi and prawns (white wine, olive oil, lemon, garlic and parsley sauce)
229 kn

Traditional style baked octopus
195 kn

Sea bass fillet grilled with Obala dressing (olive oil, garlic, parsley, lemon and black pepper)
156 kn

Side dish: boiled mangold and potatoes

Sea bass fillet grilled with lemon sauce
158 kn

Side dish: cherry tomatoes, boiled potatoes, rucola & capers

Tuna steak
185 kn

Swordfish steak
185 kn